Senior Sendoff: Chase Williams - Casey County

Athlete: Chase Williams

School: Casey County High School

What was your most memorable meet and why?

My most memorable meet would have to be traveling to Foot Locker South Regional my junior year. My coach, another teammate (Noah Brown) and I made it as a fun trip to try and get a PR before the season ends. The competition there was unreal and it was an unforgettable experience. I was able to watch Andrew Hunter (Now a professional athlete for Adidas) run a time of 14:26 which was incredible to see. 

Where did you face your biggest competition? 

Without a doubt I faced my biggest competition at Foot Locker South Regional as well. Overall it was a great experience and being able to race with some of the best runners around really opened my eyes on the sport.  

Out of all your accomplishments which one stands out? 

Throughout the 8 years of being in love with this sport, I always dreamed about performing well at the state completion. This past season, I was blessed enough to finish in the top 20. I am the only male runner to achieve that in our school history. To me, it really stood out to me. 

If a could do it all over again? 

If I could do it all over again, man it would be amazing. One thing I would for sure change would have to be my training and drive for the sport. When I started running back in 7th grade we didn't have many seniors that could push me and teach me about the sport. As years progressed up into high school my training increases and I started to get a feel for what it takes to be a good high school runner.  One thing I would take and change from the past is my knowledge of the sport. I encourage to find people that share the same love for the sport as you, keep those friends close because they will last a lifetime. Take your hard days serious and your easy days easy. The work will show when it comes time to race, just be patient with your training. 

Most difficult obstacle? 

My most difficult obstacle I had to overcome would have to be my sophomore year around track season. I was unable to run due to personal issues and it really took a tole on my love for running. I had to sit out and watch my fellow runners succeed as I was unable to participate. Although it was a very difficult time for me, I created the mindset to work just as hard that coming up cross season. It drove me to never take anything for advantage and always put in the work needed. 

What will you miss the most?

Without a doubt it would be the times I shared with my teammates and coach. All the long run conversations, the gut wrenching workouts, and the pasta dinners did nothing but grew the friendship we have today. The love I have for my team and coach is unbreakable and I will always know where my roots are. 

Advice for younger athletes? 

Above everything else, I encourage all younger athletes to CHERISH THE MOMENTS. Have fun with your team but at the same time become serious about your training. Trust me when I say it truly does go by fast (no pun intended). Another thing is listen to your coach and the training he gives you, he's called a coach for a reason. Some days you won't even have motivation to get out of bed and that's the days champions are made. 

What are your post high school college plans?

My plans after high school is to continue my running and academic career at Campbellsville University. I plan on majoring in nursing. 

Who would you like to thank? 

I would especially like to thank God before anyone else. My ability to run and compete in this sport is all because of Him. I would also like to thank my family. They've supported me for many years with training, traveling to races, and practices. I would like to thank my coach as well. Coach Jon Vaughn is not only a great coach, but a great figure I look up to. Over the years he's taught me to become a Godly man and always do the right thing. Last but certainly not least I would like to thank my team. My team is my rock and I love every single one of them. They've always had my back and will continue to do so. I would like to give a special shout out to Noah Brown (Junior) for sticking by my side for 8 years. I expect nothing but the best from you and expect you to keep the tradition going.