Welcome the New Face of KYtrackXC.com

I am excited to announce the new face of KYtrackXC.com/KY MileSplit.............. (DRUM ROLL PLEASE)

Before I unveil that new name, let me say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped, supported, visited, and just been part of the last ELEVEN YEARS at KYtrackXC.com. It would be nearly impossible to come up with an actual list of individuals to thank as so many coaches, timers, officials, and parents have helped along the way.  It has truly been my honor to be a huge part of the sports of Track and Cross Country in Kentucky.  I would have never imagined where this road would have led when I started in 2005.  I will be staying onboard in a reduced role in the background of KYtrackXC.com.  But I am 1000% pumped to see where the site will go in the future under the leadership of someone new. 

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for. The new person in charge of KYtrackXC.com will be Chris Hawboldt.  Chris is a Math Teacher at Tates Creek High School in Lexington.  He has been the Head Track and Cross Country Coach for both the Boys & Girls programs the last 5 Years.  In his tenure, he has coached 3 Class AAA Kentucky State Champions in track.  Natavia Barber was the 100m & 200m State Champion in 2012 and Ben Young won the 1600m Run last year with a Class AAA State Record time of 4:10.15.  This past fall, both the Girls and Boy XC teams won the Class AAA Region 6 Team Championships as well as going on to finish 9th overall.  Both were the highest team finishes in Tates Creek XC History. 

Chris is a native of Louisville, where he graduated from Trinity High School after running four years of XC and Track.  He lives in Lexington with his wife and two children. 

Congratulations to Chris! I am excited to pass the baton to you (track pun intended).

His contact email will be kymilesplit@gmail.com