Top Secret Rankings Hack: Invitational Results Broken Down by Class A, AA, & AAA



How many times have you looked at a set of results and tried to figure out how you did in your class or region?  Well, here is the secret way to hack the rankings to do exactly that.


Let's take a meet such as the Greater Louisville Classic this past Saturday.


Go to the meet page and look to the right hand side.


Click on whatever you prefer. For this example, we will do High School Boys

This will take you to the All-Time Rankings Front Page for the Meet History on


Click on 5,000 Meter Run (This screen showed you that Ryan Eaton has the fastest time on at the Greater Louisville Classic.)

This link is on MileSplit US and will show all runners from every state that have attended.  We need just Kentucky.

1st) Change the above link by adding ky in front of

2nd) Change the all beside rankings to 2014


This gives us the current years race with just Kentucky runners


From here you can change the league to see by Class A, AA, AAA or by just your region.  

Below see Class A Boys from the Greater Louisville Classic (FULL LIST HERE)



There you go! You can do this for any meet any day of the week on  Just follow the simple steps displayed above.