Race Video: Matt Hillenbrand 3:39 1500m in Portland (3:57 Mile)

Former St. Xavier runner Matt Hillenbrand finished up his career at UK with a 1500m Showdown in Portland, Oregon with many of the best runners in the United States Sunday.  His time of 3:39.84 was a new PR which converst to a 3:57 Mile.  
After missing the NCAA 1500m Final last weekend by .02 he came back to run in the Portland Distance Festival High Performance 1500m.  He was leading the field including Olympian Andrew Wheating with 100 meters to go.  Check out the video below:
Event 20  Men 1500 Meter Run High Performance
  1 Wheating, Andrew             Nike Otc Elite         3:38.53R  1
  2 Hillenbrand, Matt            University of Ke       3:39.84R  1
  3 Miner, Matt                  Unattached             3:40.62A  1
  4 Masters, Riley               Brooks                 3:40.73A  1
  5 Crawford, Graham             North Carolina St.     3:40.80A  1
  6 Schmitz, Tommy               Speed Unlimited        3:40.96A  1
  7 Herrera, Daniel              Unattached             3:41.07A  1
  8 Alexander, Colby             Unattached             3:41.45A  1
  9 Joseph, Patrick              Virginia Tech          3:43.70A  1
 10 Vail, Ryan                   Brooks                 3:43.94A  1

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