Interview with Eastern\'s Ronald Barlow

 - Thoughts on being named the Indoor Sprinter of the Year?
  Winning this award of Indoor Sprinter of the Year is a blessing and an honor. To be seen as one of the best in the 400m and 200m dashes in the state of Kentucky really blows my mind.  I'm very grateful for this award, but this is not the end. The only place I can go from here is up. This award really adds to my motivation in what I want to accomplish in the Outdoor Season.

- Goals for the Outdoor Season.

  The indoor season as I look at I, was only the surface of what I am trying to breakthrough for the outdoor season.  Not only would I like to be on top of the 400m, 200m, and possibly the 100m dash again, but I would very much like to topple my previous best. My goals are to run a   47 (400m), a low 21 (200m), and if I run the 100m I would like to get in the 10 second range. Winning State in these events would be an accomplishment beyond words. Other than myself I would like for the Eastern Mens team to win state overall but mainly win State in the 4X400. 
- Do you want to run in college?  If so, where?

  Yes, I really want to run in college. As of now I’m undecided and weighing my options and will take a look at anybody that will give me a chance.
- What got you started running track?

  Ever since 8th grade I was asked multiple times about running track every year. I've always recognized my talent; I just never pushed myself to go out and actually use it on the track. Up until last year when I joined the team, I was asked by coaches to come out. A few months before the track season last year, the runners of the Eastern Track Team came and asked me to join. That’s when I knew it was time because of the love I received from the team. Since then I fell in love with track and I have not looked back.
- Have you played any other sports at Eastern?

Both my freshman and sophomore years at Eastern, I played basketball.
Every year I've been at Eastern, I've also had been asked to come out and play football, but I had never found the motivation to go out and try.
- How do you approach running the 400?

  As I step to the line for the 400, I always catch myself getting tired by yawning. That is the key to myself that I will do great. I love to joke and laugh all the way to the starting line, as I smile to get my mind focused and to stay humble. 
- What do consider your best event?

 Honestly I don't believe that I have a best event. I give what I can, and I give each event my all. Each time, day in and day out. I can say that the 4X400 gets the most emotion out of me because its a chance for   me to cheer on teammates that train with me everyday, and I also get a chance to do what I can to not let them down.