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Rankings updated to include Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede. 09/25/16 4:13PM
Results posted from Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede 09/25/16 4:22PM
Rankings updated to include Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede. 09/25/16 4:13PM
Photos of Gatorland Run added: Gatorland Run by weimraiser. 09/25/16 3:58PM
Results posted from Franklin County Invitational 09/25/16 11:48AM
Results posted from Gatorland Run 09/25/16 9:59AM
Photos of Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede added: Saturday Night Lights/ Centerville Stampede Chris Greene. 09/25/16 7:57AM
Rankings updated to include Paintsville All Comers. 09/25/16 2:20AM
Rankings updated to include Pulaski County All-Comers. 09/25/16 2:14AM
Results posted from Paintsville All Comers 09/25/16 2:12AM
Rankings updated to include Mercer County All-Comers. 09/25/16 2:12AM
Results posted from Pulaski County All-Comers 09/25/16 2:11AM
Rankings updated to include Double S Stampede. 09/25/16 2:10AM
Rankings updated to include Franklin County Invitational. 09/25/16 2:09AM
Results posted from Mercer County All-Comers 09/25/16 2:07AM
Rankings updated to include Gatorland Run. 09/25/16 2:07AM
Results posted from Double S Stampede 09/25/16 2:05AM
Results posted from Berea Invitational 09/24/16 11:49PM
Rankings updated to include Berea Invitational. 09/24/16 11:44PM
Rankings updated to include Wayne County Invitational. 09/24/16 11:38PM
Results posted from Wayne County Invitational 09/24/16 11:37PM
Rankings updated to include Dixie Invitational. 09/24/16 11:34PM
Results posted from Dixie Invitational 09/24/16 11:33PM
Rankings updated to include Boyd County Invitational. 09/24/16 11:32PM
Results posted from Boyd County Invitational 09/24/16 11:28PM
Rankings updated to include Campbell County Championships. 09/24/16 11:28PM
Rankings updated to include Bracken County Invitational. 09/24/16 11:26PM
Rankings updated to include Marshall County Invitational. 09/24/16 11:24PM
Results posted from Campbell County Championships 09/24/16 11:21PM
Results posted from Bracken County Invitational 09/24/16 11:20PM
Rankings updated to include JCPS Middle School All Comers. 09/24/16 11:20PM
Results posted from Marshall County Invitational 09/24/16 11:19PM
Rankings updated to include Hillbilly Run. 09/24/16 11:18PM
Results posted from Hillbilly Run 09/24/16 11:17PM
Results posted from JCPS Middle School All Comers 09/24/16 11:16PM
Results posted from Fairgrounds Frenzy 09/24/16 11:10PM
Rankings updated to include Lincoln Trails Invitational. 09/24/16 11:06PM
Results posted from Lincoln Trails Invitational 09/24/16 10:57PM
Photos of Gatorland Run added: Gatorland Run by ChrisCousineau. 09/24/16 10:57PM
Photos of Berea Invitational added: Berea Invitational by CarrieLeAnn. 09/24/16 10:06PM
Online registration for Fenton Dawson Invitational is now open. 09/24/16 10:04PM
Online registration for Hopkins County Championship Meet is now open. 09/24/16 7:58PM
Results posted from 3rd Annual Southern Indiana Catholic Invitational 09/24/16 6:53PM
Online registration for JCPS Elementary School Championships is now open. 09/24/16 6:09PM
Rankings updated to include JCPS Middle School All Comers. 09/22/16 9:38PM
Results posted from Medora Elementary Meet 09/22/16 9:08PM
Results posted from Archives All-Comers 09/22/16 8:45PM
Results posted from Harlan County All Comers 09/22/16 8:34PM
Results posted from AAU Junior Olympic Games 09/22/16 4:18PM
Online registration for 18th Annual Jesse Owens Classic is now open. 09/22/16 3:02PM
Online registration for Owensboro Area M.S. XC City-County is now open. 09/22/16 2:39PM
Rankings updated to include Corbin Invitational. 09/20/16 7:04AM
Results posted from Corbin Invitational 09/21/16 10:39PM
Results posted from Shelby County Invitational 09/21/16 10:38PM
Results posted from Calloway County MS/ES All-Comers 09/21/16 2:57PM
Rankings updated to include Fairgrounds Frenzy. 09/21/16 1:50PM
Online registration for Mid-Kentucky Conference Championship is now open. 09/21/16 11:54AM
Rankings updated to include Calloway County MS/ES All-Comers. 09/20/16 11:45PM
Results posted from Atherton Hilltop Series - Race 2 09/20/16 11:12PM
Results posted from Bates Elementary Meet 09/20/16 10:57PM
Rankings updated to include Assumption Frosh-Soph/JV race #2. 09/20/16 10:52PM
Results posted from Assumption Frosh-Soph/JV race #2 09/20/16 10:51PM
Photos of Fairgrounds Frenzy added: Fairgrounds Frenzy by kyfatboy. 09/20/16 8:13PM
Photos of Hardin County Championships added: Hardin County Championships by kyfatboy. 09/20/16 7:38PM
Rankings updated to include Commodore Classic. 09/20/16 3:44PM
Online registration for Franklin County Invitational is now open. 09/20/16 1:52PM
Results posted from Calloway County Invitational 09/20/16 1:50PM
Rankings updated to include AAU Junior Olympic Games. 08/03/16 5:55PM