KTCCCA Area 3 Elementary & Middle School Championships

Louisville, KY
Hosted by Atherton
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Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Welcome to the KTCCCA Area 3 Elementary School/Middle School Championships for 2018! The championships this year will be ran in tandem with The Rebellion Cross Country Classic. We look forward to hosting you this year and continuing the tradition. This meet is for Louisville Elementary and Middle Schools to crown the best of the area the week before the state meet. This meet is taken into consideration in addition to the Meet of Champions and overall season rankings when determining the All-Area teams for Elementary and Middle Schools at the end of the season. So, let the race to the Championships begin!

AWARDS:The top two teams will be awarded a trophy for the Championship divisions. The individual Champion of the Championship race will receive a trophy as well. Medals will also be awarded to the remaining Top 20 competitors in the Championship and the Top 10 in Open division races. Awards will be distributed after the division's final race.

TEAM FEES: Schools can enter oneteam up to ten (10) runners per championship event. If entered in the divisional championship event, schools may enter anunlimited number of runners in the open races. Boys and Girls count as separate teams. See the invoice linked below for calculations and for bookkeeping purposes.

KTCCCA Area 3 Elementary & Middle School Championships Invoice

SCHEDULE: The schedule will follow the same schedule as The Rebellion Cross Country Classic:

Middle School Championship -- 4k Invite Course/3k Open Course
10:00: Boys Championship
10:30: Girls Championship
11:00: Boys & Girls Open Race
11:30: Awards Ceremony

6th & Under Championship-- 3k Invite Course/2k Open Course
12:00: Boys Championship
12:20: Girls Championship
12:40: Boys & Girls Open Race
1:00: Awards Ceremony

4th & Under Championship -- 2k Invite Course/1.5k Open Course
1:30: Boys Championship
1:50: Girls Championship
2:10: Boys & Girls Open Race
2:30: Awards Ceremony

SCORING:The Championship races will be scored according to NFHS Rules; the top 5 finishers will constitute the team's score with the 6th and 7th finishers rounding out the full team and used for tie-breakers in the event of teams being tied. There will be no scores for the Mixed Open races.

COACHES MEETING:There will not be a coaches meeting prior to the race; packets will be available for pickup at the gazebo area and any questions can be directed to a meet director.

RACE MAPS:Each race map will be sent out and uploaded as we are closer to the meet.

TENT CITY: The tent area will be around the start/finish lines and course. Be conscious about the course when setting up your team area. The areas for tents will be marked on the maps.

ADMISSIONS/T-SHIRTS:More information to come with regard to admission and t-shirts for the meet.

RESTROOMS:We will have restrooms available; more information will be provided in your team packet.

Once again, thank you for your entry into the KTCCCA Area 3 Elementary & Middle School Championships! Also, make sure you register for The Rebellion Cross Country Classic as well. If you have questions, please let us know!

Tim Hill Jr., Cross Country Head Coach
Meet Director -- KTCCCA Area 3 Elementary & Middle School Championships
(502) 930-8303