National Class performances @ Eastern Relays

  • Mike Horan
    This is amazing!

    The Eastern Relays was this weekend in Louisville, Ky. Lots of huge performances!

    National top 50's

    B-DMR- Lancaster 29th 10:20.79
    G-DMR- McAuley (OH) 42nd 12:21.66
    B-800m SMR- North Hardin 46th 1:34.62
    B- 1600 SMR- Houston (TN) 29th 3:32.51
    B- 400m Ronnie Baker 21st 47.42
    B-800m Tretez Kinnaird 4th 1:49.97
    B-1600m Brannon Kidder 9th- 4:09.33
    B-1600m Tsehaye Hiluf 12th- 4:10.27
    B-1600m- Jacob Thomson 14th- 4:10.69
    B-1600m- Nick Vogele 35th- 4:12.72
    B- 1600m- Adrian Ross 36th- 4:12.91
    B- 3200m- Jacob Thomson (already ranked 16th ) 8:58.62
    B- 3200m- Tsehaye Hiluf 18th- 9:00.20
    B- 3200m- Nick Vogele 26th- 9:01.88
    B- 3200m- Connor Sorrells 28th- 9:02.82
    B- HJ- Donovan Halsel 40th- 6’8
    B- 4x800m Lancaster (OH) 32nd 7:54.03
    B- Discus Hunter Harrison 24th 183’
    G- 800m Danielle Pfeifer 47th 2:12.94
    G- 1600m Katherine Receveur 43rd 4:56.84
    G- 1600m Danielle Pfeifer 49th 4:57.23
    G- 4x800m Assumption 9:21.43

    Nationally ranked younger grade level performances
    G- 3200m Maddox Patterson 30th ranked Frosh
    G- 3200m Lauren Ossege 10th ranked 8th grade
    G- 3200m Chesie Dugan 23rd ranked 8th grade
    G- 3200m Emily Bean 37th ranked Soph
    B- 3200m Patrick Gregory 5th ranked Soph
    B- 3200m Chase Geary 6th ranked Soph
    B- 3200m Nicholas Waltman 31st ranked Soph
    B- 3200m Brady Lester 44th ranked Frosh
    B- 3200m Trenton Fryman (already ranked) 2nd ranked 8th grader
    B- 1600m Patrick Gregory 2nd ranked Soph
    B- 1600m Chase Geary 33rd ranked Soph
    G- 800m Maggie Allen 31st ranked Frosh
    G- 800m Katherine Receveur 27th ranked Soph
    G- 1600m Katherine Receveur 7th ranked Soph
    G- 1600m Bailey Davis 40th ranked Soph
    G- 1600m Maggie Allen 40th ranked Frosh
    G- 1600m Gabby Karas 2nd 7th ranked Grader
    B-400m Bolaji Ogbulu #6 ranked Frosh
    B-400m Mikal Ballard #50 ranked Frosh

    Best Eastern Relays we've ever had. Hoping it will be even better next year!