Hilltopper Relays 2012

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2012-04-14 at Charles M. Ruter Track in Bowling Green, KY
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    Good luck Saturday!!
    Have you seen what teams are sch for this meet?
    Last year, Eastern Illinois were tough in discus what I recall.

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    The women's hammer competition should also be a great watch... 3 aspiring olympians in the field including

    Brittany Riley - USA (world record holder: 20 lb. weight): PR: 72 meters+ (235 feet) SB: 66m+
    Gwen Berry - USA: PR: 70m+ SB: 67+
    Laura Igaune - Latvia: SB/PR: 65m+


    A girl can throw a 20lb hammer 235 feet? Don't you mean a 8 or 12 lb hammer.
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    HendoDad Edited

    Good to see ties with the "international scene" with
    your event today. Last week we had Dennis Ogbe and
    Laura Igaune at Bellarmine.

    Throwers are
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    WKU Throw - good luck to you and all the Hilltoppers! What a great day for your meet and lots going on on campus as well - wish I could be there!