north hardin performance list

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    @WKUThrow im not going to lie, i was a little enraged when i saw this responce. all i want to say is many distance runners run by strategy. we dont just go sprint or throw, we plan, then execute the plan. untill you have run more than a lap or two around a track as a warmup, please dont get smart with a distance runner who wants to know the competition. it looks immature and makes this whole site suffer. thank you.


    A apology from "you" are in order to WKUTHROW for this above statement!

    I had went over this thread off and on for the last hour and a half. I seen nothing wrong with his first response. With you being a senior(?),you should know your regional competition, as far as that goes, state wide. With this web site and the results from all the meets being posted, it does not take much effort to look up past year event participant schools, or if it is a new event, the possible teams that will be there. Also, always expect the unexpected from outside the state.
    (Eastern relays come to mine)

    I used this site back in 06-09 when Hendothrower was at Henderson.
    After several meets his freshman year we got the handle on what to
    expect from past years results. Having been in the 3A region 1 hotspot
    that took 3-5 throwers to state in each event (back when only 16 made
    state) and most would metal, plus the 1A and 2A hotshoes, there was never
    a meet to slack off.

    I have notice your request for a list on mondays, for the first three Saturday meets. If there is one, expect it by Thursday, or Friday. Have you ever tried summer events? AAU&USATF? Try it. Talking about surprises at local, regional, and nationals events. Having done those events that first summer, a person learns not to sweat the highschool scene.