• Barry Haworth
    Thanks, we appreciate it, and that's exactly the attitude we'll take into this race. KY deserves more respect and I'm hoping both the guys from St X and girls from Assumption can help provide that at Nike SE this weekend, as well as all the kids running at FL South. I've looked at the Regional rankings, and I'm nonplussed at how easily KY teams are dropped from that list or simply ignored. In all seriousness, how on earth is Bowling Green, Sacred Heart, Daviess County or Manual not considered at least a bubble team on the girls side??? St X was ranked as high as 3rd in the region after Great American, have shown no signs of slowing down and yet drop to something like 8th or 9th in the region by season's end??? Speaking for our team, our goal is simple - no matter what happens this Sat, we hope our performance this season will make a statement for all of KY. Good luck to everyone running this weekend, go Bluegrass State!
  • Mike Schardein
    I have always liked these phrases, which I have hanging on my wall. Told through Sara Hall, after the death of Ryan Shay from his wife Alicia: " Just remember, that we have been called to live'for such a time as this" "There is more urgency to purse the things to which you're called with courage and intentionality when life is unpredictable and tomorrow is not promised to us. I take that to mean, remember if you made it this far, than you were created,"for such a time as this". you were born to be a runner, except that, and greatness will follow.