Get Excited the Trinity Invitational is Here

  • Coach

    This is THE meet of the year in the state from a spectator perspective. Far superior to any other in terms of overall athlete quality.

    Cant wait!!!!!
  • Bob Heim
    Will anyone be doing a meet preview like in past year?
    Is the Christian Brothers high school entered from New Jersey?
    The meet is helping to stimulate the local economy. I know of at least three team from Ohio staying overnight: Davidson, Centerville, and La Salle.
  • Mark Levdahl

    My guess is the Jonathan may do a meet preview. The CBA website indicates they are NOT coming. CBA mostly runs a dual meet schedule until very late in the season. Their big deal is that they have won 310 dual meets in a row, that's what they focus on.
  • Chad Waggoner
    125 Teams from six states (KY, IN, OH, WV, TN, and MO) and over 3,400 runners will be at the park this weekend. If you are one of the runners racing here this weekend then may your feet be blessed with speed, your heart full of courage, and your spirit of perseverance.

    The 56th Trinity and 14th Valkyrie Invitational will kick off at 5:00 pm on Friday with the first race being a primary race. The highlight of the meet is the high school varsity races which are at 10:20 for the boys and 11:00 for the girls on Saturday.
    In 2009 we had 19 men break 16 minutes. Last year we had 20 with one breaking 15. I am hoping that we have 25 break 16 this year and I believe we have the field to do so.

    To continue to grow the meet this year we will feature chip timing allowing us to publish results immediately after the final runner crosses the line. Please talk to your coach about specific and important instructions sent out today .
    We also have a number of other items new for this year’s event for both the runner and the fan.
    I look forward to seeing you on the course and please introduce yourself if you cross my path. I will be wearing a black hat with the Trinity CC logo on it.

    Over 3,400 Runners – Good luck and God’s speed if you are one of them.

    Miles of smiles,

    Coach Chad L. Waggoner
  • Barry Haworth
    I've got a few observations from Saturday, but most importantly - huge thanks to Chad, Rick and all the Trinity/SHA gang for another great meet. We have several very good meets in this State, but in my opinion - this one's the best. Everything from being able to run at such a great venue to the atmosphere and now, even the very cool team awards made this an outstanding meet.

    1. First, huge respect to the JCPS teams who walked the boycott line and acted in the best interest of their Cross Country kids. I'm sure there were complaints from other local programs, but I appreciate the willingness of these coaches to stand up to that kind of trivial nonsense and run their kids anyway.

    2. Congrats to St X for a solid team performance. My sense is that they had a good, but not great day (relative to what I think is their potential) and yet they beat Cabel Midland (#1 Southeast, #26 US) and Bearden (#4 Southeast). I don't know if those teams were at full strength, but it's still a sign of quality to run on that level with those guys. If their #3, 4 and 5 guys can close on Zack and Connor, then that'll be a competitive team at Nike.

    3. Oldham County showed something again this week, on both the boys and girls side. Luke Weishaar was obviously impressive in his race, and while the OC boys need to tighten up their pack, they're showing the signs of being a pretty competitive boys team by season's end. Likewise, the OC girls have certainly stepped beyond my expectations for them. This was the 2nd highest KY team at the meet, handily beating a couple Ohio teams pretty competitive with a couple more of them.

    4. Carmel (or, as Coach Luke Finley put it to me - University of Carmel, haha) continues to impress each year. You know it's going to be a long day when you watch the first 10 guys in the JV race all wearing Carmel uniforms. On the girls side, they were the only team able to produce quality team performances in each of the 3 races without diluting any of those 3 teams. At the start of the freshman race, I assumed I'd seen the best they had to offer and yet they still produced a girl who ran 18:27 and several more fast ones. Their Girls Varsity, JV and Freshman teams are conceivably good enough to all finish within the top 4 or 5 at our State Meet.

    5. On the battle for top soph, Patrick Gregory also put some distance between himself and the up and coming Nicholas Waltman. Both ran pretty solid times, but I'd assume this course favors Patrick's running style quite a bit and he obviously used that to his advantage.
  • Coach
    Great observations Professor. I agree that this is the most fun and exciting meet of the year for runners and spectators. I think most KY runners love to race some different competition and see some truly great individuals and teams.Great job Coach Waggoner and Coach Heim.

    I know many of runners set PR's at this race each year and yesterday was no excpetion for our team. Yes, the course is fast, but I think just as much can be attributed to the competition. In a race of this magnitude, you either give it your all or get passed continuously along the way. There is no chance to find an open space between runners and settle in to a comfortable pace. This race requires runners to "race" the whole 5K.

    Also, I understand it is not becoming to boast on one's own team, so I will do it for you. Assumption made a huge statement yesterday. Four girls running under nineteen minutes is very impressive and extremely rare in our state. Without the latest data in front of me, I'd guess that will put 4 of their runners in the top ten. After winning state last year, it's obvious that instead of being content, these girls are wanting to be even better this year. I'd say with yesterday's performance, Assumption should be ranked regionally (if they are not already)and may be one of the best KY girls teams the state has seen in a long time. Any KY teams wanting to compete with them for the state title have a long way to go at this point.

    I'd also agree that St. X looks nearly as dominant on the boy's side of things. I'm not sure if this team is as strong as the last team they took to Nike Nationals as they don't have the front runners that team did, but as a pack they have the potential to be as good.

    Finally, it's nice to note that a few of our KY guys could be the number one runner on Carmel's team.
  • Nicole Carrig
    NMCarrig Edited
    I agree that the meet was, as always, a wonderful experience. It continues to be my favorite meet in Kentucky.

    @professor, it was a real joy to see your young runners pack into the top 10. They didn't appear too "rusty" to me Congrats on a great meet.

    From a Single A perspective, I also really enjoyed seeing Nicholas Waltman running so well. He's really made an immense amount of progress this year. It'll be interesting to see how much lower into the 15s he can go.

    Thanks again to Coaches Waggoner and Heim for a wonderful meet. Additional thanks for making the Primary race such a fun experience for the little kids. The water bottles and ribbons were a really nice touch.
  • Brian Lilly
    ADIHC95 Edited
    Congrats to Weishaar, Gregory, and Brown for PR performances yesterday at Trinity.

    Weishaar has definitely earned the #1 ranking in AAA, and Brown proved he deserves to be ranked among the Top 5 overall. Very nice work and improvement from our leading seniors.

    I hope we continue to see this level of top competition... 6 of the top 10, and 10 of the top 20 were underclassmen and could return next year... including each of the top 3!

    Also, I realize the paced slowed after the 1M split but congrats the group of young men who challenged the leaders through 2M; that was a large pack of front runners.

    Additional congrats to Burcham and Baker. I know everyone wants to see them return and go after another sub 15:00. I don't know much about the top guys beyond Burcham, Baker, and Thomson but it was awesome to see them race in Kentucky.

    Burcham deserves a lot of credit for the win, but Baker really showed once again that he is one of the top runners in the region.