Valkyrie Invitational 2011

  • Barry Haworth
    Wait, is that Luke as in Coach Luke Finley? Oh no, there goes the neighborhood. For those who don't know, Coach Finley helped create a great program at Kenwood HS, and has since moved on to Independence HS, creating another great program there.

    It's really too bad we can't have a great big spaghetti dinner thing that would give all the local and visiting HSs a chance to mingle the night before the big event. Given the quality of the great TN programs over the last several years, Carmel and the Cincinnati schools, this meet's allowed Louisville to have an elite event in our own back yard.
  • Allen Etheridge
    Site Admin
    You probably won't find a humbler guy who has coached a 3-time Footlocker Finalist (and champion). His Indy teams are both very good this year--girls' team includes KK's younger sister, who has turned out to be pretty good in her own right.

    I will miss coming up there this year, as we are not going to travel until October 1.

  • Jonathan Grooms
    Site Admin
    What time does each race start?


    Boys & Girls Primary (1st -3rd) 1K 5:00 pm Friday
    Boys Elementary (4th–6th) 2K 5:20 pm Friday
    Girls Elementary (4th – 6th) 2K 5:40 pm Friday
    Boys Jr High (7th – 8th) 3K 6:00 pm Friday
    Girls Jr High (7th – 8th) 3K 6:30 pm Friday
    Award Ceremony 7:00 pm Friday

    Boys Open 5K 9:00 am Saturday
    Girls Open 5K 9:40 am Saturday
    Boys Varsity 5K 10:20 am Saturday
    Girls Varsity 5K 11:00 am Saturday
    B & G Freshman 5K 11:40 am Saturday
    Award Ceremony 12:30 pm Saturday
  • Jonathan Grooms
    Site Admin

    Who is doing the timing at this meet on Saturday? Where there be live results posted?


    The timer is one of our top people in the state, Frank Miklavcic. There will not be actual live results, but I will be there providing live coverage throughout the meet including posting results once they go up.