Nolan Jez

Top 10 Returning Track Stars: #10 Hasani Knight Nolan Jez Oct 25, 2016

Track is literally just around the corner and will start up in just over a month. Over that time we are going to countdown 10 of the biggest stars returning this season. This list does not include XC athletes and only includes athletes who are track specific athletes.

Girls' Top 100 Rankings Week 9 Nolan Jez Oct 24, 2016

Some new faces entered the rankings this week and others moved up. Here are the final rankings of the regular season and you can bet a lot of these are going to change this post-season.

Top 500 Girls' All-Time Burke Lake Park Rankings Nolan Jez Oct 23, 2016

Burke Lake Park is famous for the railroad tracks, very short finish chutes, and of course some of the best runners in the entire nation. Here are the top 500 best athletes on Burke Lake Park's 2.98 Mile course according to the MileStat Database.

Foot Locker South Boys' Top 500 Rankings: Can We Advance Five Again? Nolan Jez Oct 19, 2016

Last year was nothing short of historic for VA. We saw a record five guys advance to the Foot Locker National Finals and this year two of those guys return. It is not out of the cards that we come close to that record number again considering the tough choice for many people between NXR and Foot Locker South. Below are the top 500 rankings in this region. 

Meet 5 New Faces So Far in October! Nolan Jez Oct 13, 2016

Each season new faces emerge. Though they may already be champions or big names, they have not reached superstar status and shockingly some individuals in the state have not heard of them yet. This week we introduce to you five athletes who are definitely on the up&up and knocking on the door of superstardom.

Top 1,000 Girls' XC Invitational Rankings Nolan Jez Oct 12, 2016

Each year the XC Invitational raises the bar for regular season competition. It is the Super Bowl of invitationals for the year and now that it is on the upper, fast, course it is producing some of the best times in the entire nation. Here are the top 1,000 performance all-time at this meet.

MileStat XC Invitational Race Assignments Released! Nolan Jez Oct 12, 2016

The weekend everyone has been waiting for has finally come. With three mega-meets going on this weekend, nearly every athlete will be in action this weekend. The biggest and middle jewel of the this triple crown weekend is the XC Invitational.