Nolan Jez

Foot Locker South Girls Preview Nolan Jez Nov 23, 2015

At 10:00am this Saturday arguably the greatest assemblage of Virginia XC runners will toe the line at the Foot Locker South regional in Charlotte, North Carolina. Headlining this group will be Foot Locker finalists Weini Kelati and Libby Davidson.

Virginia's Head Of The Class Leaders: Freshman Girls Nolan Jez Nov 23, 2015

Check out the top 500 rankings for freshman girls so far this season here. This list is led by two of the best freshman to ever run in Virginia as evidenced by their meteoric rise and finishes at states. These two of course are Rachel Northcutt and Sophia Link.

Virginia's Head Of The Class Leaders: Sophomore Girls Nolan Jez Nov 23, 2015

Check out the top 500 rankings for sophomore girls so far this season. Leading the way here and also in 5A are Heather Holt and Emma Wolcott who each have one 5A State Title to their name in only two seasons. Weini Kelati has reclassified and is now a junior. Photo by: Lisa McArthur

All-Time Top 100 Virginia Boys' Foot Locker South Performances Nolan Jez Nov 21, 2015

Check out the top 100 Virginia boys' performances at the Foot Locker South regional. This list includes multiple entries per athlete if they were fast enough to make it on the list a second or even third time. Check out where everyone ranks and who all ran in faster then usual years. Remember the top 10 advance to nationals.

MileStates Rundown Recap of All 16 State Championships! Nolan Jez Nov 18, 2015

The beauty of a state meet is finally getting to see the top competition finally meet and battle it out on the same course. Though each race is different, the similarities are huge. This weekend Virginia was treated with having all 16 state championship races run in just a 24 hour span. Here we give you the highlights view of XC MileStates 2015.

Show MD/WV/DC That VA Is The Best! Nolan Jez Nov 17, 2015

No one can say your season is over, yet! For the 10th year all of Virginia has the chance to compete in one of the greatest and most unique events each XC season. The Battle of The Potomac between West Virginia, DC, Maryland and Virginia.