Nolan Jez

The Sunday MileStat Times 4/17/16 Nolan Jez Apr 17, 2016

The feature everyone has come to love is back! So maybe you missed most of the week or were too busy watching Kobe Bryant put up a gaudy amount of shots... no worries! We have condensed the entire week and weekend into one great feature that is better than your own Sunday newspaper.

Girls' Top 50 Outdoor Leaderboard Rankings Nolan Jez Apr 15, 2016

It is no secret that this is the first huge weekend of the year for VA Outdoor T&F. Though a lot of the top competitors have traveled all over the country to get their top marks in early, the majority of the state has yet to really race in ideal conditions. All across the state this weekend are tons of meets and great weather. That combined with stacked fields means these leaderboards are as good as gone but see where you rank now!