EG Plummer Invitational Preview

The EG Plummer Invitational is named after EG Plummer, one of Kentucky's earliest distance stars.  The miler went on to coach at the school as well.  This year's version of the meet looks remarkably like the AJ Special from last week. 

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  • cbeckerson / 3 Years Ago
    I'm going to play a bit of a spoiler but Danville may have a girl up at the top of this race. This will be Megan Smith's first Cross Country Meet ever after a very solid Track Season. She has switched from Soccer to CC this year and ran some solid times with two wins in local 5Ks this summer. I'm looking forward to seeing what she can do on a grass course.
  • professor / 3 Years Ago
    Does her last name sound like "Snapp"?
  • calrunner2 / 3 Years Ago
    Where exactly is this race located in Danville?
  • professor / 3 Years Ago
    According to the meet info: Danville High School’s Admiral Stadium
  • calrunner2 / 3 Years Ago
    Its interesting though, because I google mapped "Admiral Stadium Danville, KY" and got jack squat... It ended up being a moot point anyway. I'm headed out to a different meet this weekend.
  • DanvilleAds / 3 Years Ago
    We look forward to a great meet! Too bad you are not coming professor. We would have gladly given you directions to the meet if you wanted to come. Maybe next time.
  • squalls30 / 3 Years Ago
    Brian Carlson ran a great race today but his actions after the race was even more impressive. This young man showed a lot of class today by standing at the chute after the finish line congratulating every competitor. Not just the top 30. He stood there forever. This was the classiest act I've seen at a meet. Very impressed with how much he has matured. Congratulations Brian. I bet you parents were proud of your performance. I was proud of your Class Act!