Scotland Bound: Interview with Jacob Thomson


Jacob Thomson, senior at Holy Cross in Louisville has been chosen to represent the TEAM USA at the  Great Edinburgh International Cross Country Meet in Scotland.  Below he answers questions about his expectations for the experience and traveling.  He is coming off a 5th Place Finish at Foot Locker Nationals.


January 5th Meet Times (Looks like we are 5 Hours Behind in Eastern Time and 6 in Central)

Event day timetable (ALL LOCAL TIMES)
10:00 Bupa Junior Great Winter Run 
10:35 Bupa Great Winter Run 
13:06 Bupa Great Edinburgh X Country Women's 3km** 
13:28 Bupa Great Edinburgh X Country Men's 8km** 
14:00 Bupa Great Edinburgh X Country Women's 6km** 


KY: Scotland, what are you looking forward to besides running?

JT: I am looking forward to experiencing different countries cultures and meet new people. Scotland is where the Thomsons come from, so it will be cool to go sightseeing.


KY: How does representing your country as an athlete compare to running at New Balance or Foot Locker?

JT: Running at other big events will hopefully play into my favor here. I will try to treat it the same as any other big race as far as preparation. The biggest difference will be putting a USA jersey across my chest for the first time. If that doesn't get you fired up, then nothing will.


KY: What does Jacob Thomson do to entertain himself on the plane heading over the Atlantic Ocean? How long is the flight?

JT: For some reason I can't seem to sleep on planes to well unless I have a window seat. So I'll hope I get one. The flight over is during the night, so hopefully I can sleep through most of it. I listen to a lot of music and I'll read a bit. I have been reading "Talent is a Myth" on the last few plane rides. I haven't gotten very far though, hopefully I can put a dent it in this time. I'll also read some of Jack Daniels running formula. I've read it before, but I just like learning about the scientific side of the sport.

The flight is about seven and a half hours from New Jersey to Scotland. I have a two hour flight to New Jersey first.


KY: What do you know about the course or the competition?

JT: The course will probably be muddy. It has been raining in Scotland for the last two weeks; I am going into expecting the course to be like NXN was this year, but hoping it isn't that bad. It is 3 laps for the 6K course. It's European Cross Country so there will be hay bales and that sort of stuff like they have at NXN.


KY: Are you flying as team over to Scotland?

JT: Over half of the team is meeting in New Jersey and flying over. There are a few people going out of different places.


KY: How are you going to adjust your strategy for running a 6K instead of the usual 5K?

JT: I will go about it the same as a 5K. It will most likely be a slow race because of the conditions, so I will just pack up with my teammates and let strength go to work.


KY: Are you traveling with athletes you know? If so, how cool is that?

JT: I know a few on the junior team members going on the trip; Jake Leingang, Craig Novak, Tony Smorgiewicz, and Sophie Chase to name a few. I am looking forward to seeing them and meeting all of my other new teammates on the junior (19 and under) and senior (over 19, mostly professional) teams.