KY Running Blogs: Thomas Cave, St. Xavier


Trinity Invite

By: Thomas Cave

Trinity Invitational…. Wow words can’t really describe how amazing and competitive this meet was.  First off I would like to congratulate one of my best friends Jacob Thomson on his win, and another good friend of mine Bailey Davis on her win also.  These two are great runners but they are also two of the most humble people I have met. 

 Leading up to this meet, our team goal was very simple, WIN.  We felt like we put the work in over the summer that we could be very competitive regionally, but we thought this weekend was a very good opportunity to show that we could be competitive on a national level also.  Four years ago at this same meet I remember Nick, Connor, Sam, Mark, and I being young freshman with high hopes of beating Carmel and “thinking” we could do it. Well it wasn’t even close, they beat us pretty bad.

Ever since then we always wanted to beat Carmel before we left St.X as we have so much respect for that program.  Over the summer, we had a team day with different activities and one thing that happened that day was the team made some goals we wanted to accomplish this season.  One of the goals was to beat Carmel so the fact that we actually did it was a very special day for the Saint X family.  After the race, we thought we lost so we were somewhat excited because we all ran fast. When we found out we actually won the meet we were all so excited.  We were all so happy for Coach Medley and all the other coaches because we know how much time they put in.  I have never met a man more passionate about coaching and teaching than Coach Medley is.  He makes us all better runners but I think more importantly he makes us better people. So big thanks to him.

Also big thanks to the coaches from Trinity and Sacred Heart who made this day possible.  This meet has been and always will be a very special meet for the state of KY.  Also big shout out to the runners of Kentucky for stepping up and running big.