Tretez Kinnaird Officially Done for XC Season.


Butler senior Tretez Kinnaird is officially out for the 2012 Cross Country Season.  The 2-time defending Class AAA 800m State Champion holds the fastest time in Kentucky history for the event with a 1:49.31. At the end of his sophomore year he earned  All-American honors in the 800m and competed in France as part of the American World Youth Team. 

Head Cross Country Coach Brandon Lesher said about Tre's injury, "Yesterday (Thursday) he turned his ankle in PE and will have to take off two to three weeks.  He was looking great and about to run a workout through the race this weekend at Central Hardin but with this unfortunate event happening yesterday, we talked and decided that unless he recovers abnormally fast then it will be best to put our total focus on track when he returns.  Again, this is very unfortunate event because he was looking extremely good in his recent workouts."

Lesher further went on to say, "As coaches we know that injuries are a part of the sport.  But like life things don't always go according to the plans you have laid out  It is during these times that we really shape our character as an individual or as a team.  So I look at this as an opportunity for my team to rise challenge of filling for the loss of Tre.  This will be a great test of their character.  For Tre it will be a great test of his character and how he will handle this set back.  He has had to deal with this type of situation before and showed that he is not only a great runner but also a great young man of character.  He will overcame this obstacle also.  His faith in Christ has always been his source of strength, he will get through this and still allow God to work through him.


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