KY Running Blogs: Justin Downs, Collins HS


So bad, So good

Shelby co- didn't go as I expected. During the warm up it was all normal felt great, getting pumped up warm and what not. But have you ever just woke up one morning and you just feel like something bad is gonna happen that day? That's how I woke up. However I ignored the feeling and went through all the routines got up to the line and the feeling was gone. Nothing on my mind except song lyrics and the sound of the official , I was just ready to roll. "Runners to your mark!" followed by the blasting pop of the gun, and we're off. I cruise out to about 5th place which is where I figured I'd stay until I'm where I wanna make my move at and the first 800m was a little fast but I wasn't worried considering my kick in the beginning I was pretty comfortable, looking on toward first place confused. Confused as to where PG was , as soon as I thought that, I saw him pass and look back and smile. I shook the thought and stayed on my pace and I started to feel something in my shin area as I pass the mile mark at 5:33 I wasn't concerned then around a mile and a half it hit me I crossed my arms to tell him I'm out and I ran off the course an began to cry. Cry because of the pain and I felt as if I was letting the team down. At the end of the meet I realized just how special this season is. The boys stepped up our runners noticed that Nolan and I dropped out and they stepped up. Everyone had a good race and improved their times from last year by about a minute which is great to do. Great for the team! 

These past two weeks I've been stuck not running and sitting around in physical therapy at Max performance. I was told I had shin splints, tendonitis , and a deep muscle strain all along the outside of my right leg. I went on Saturday to support the team at rumble and my oh my did I miss it. I hate not running I almost wanted to cry. Once again the team did good, now it wasn't the best race as we had 3 of our top5 runners sit out of the meet. The boys ran well, not just the boys but the whole team ran excellent but three runners stand out in my mind Devon and two middle school girls, the middle school girls finished 30th and 31st and they're 6th graders! It was really shocking to me! Devon's performance stood out to me because he ran the race he ran despite the illness he battle as well as running after he threw up just moments before the gun.

I'm going to wrap this up with saying I have been cleared to run this Saturday and will be running my first JV race ever. It will be different but I plan to still represent as I know the Collins cross-country teams will.