Refer-A-Friend Promotion’s Refer-a-Friend Promotion

To welcome in XC Season, is pleased to announce a special subscriber promotion beginning today and running until September 25th. 

Earn a free month of KYtrackXC by referring a friend! Any current subscriber who refers a friend (or enemy?) to purchase an annual subscription will receive an additional subscription month FREE. As a bonus, referring six new subscribers will earn you a BONUS YEAR FREE!   

Here’s how it works:  Tell a friend about the site.  Once the friend becomes a NEW paying one-year subscriber, have that friend email me a note that you referred him (or her).  You will receive one additional month on your current subscription. If six friends subscribe, you will receive an additional year.

Credit will be given only to CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS.  Referrals must be NEW SUBSCRIBERS.  Referrals CANNOT BE RENEWALS.

Subscribers keep this website going. This is a THANK YOU to the supporters who not only provide the needed financial resource but all thosevwho spread the good word about


Email me at with any questions!