Junk Food OlympiAds: Athletes Fuel Games’ Fast-Food Assault


U.S. Olympic gold medal gymnast Shawn Johnson poses with Ronald McDonald at the McDonald's flagship restaurant in Olympic Park. Johnson endorses both McDonald's and Coca-Cola. (Getty)

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  • CoachVersaw / 3 Years Ago
    I find this an odd article. I agree with the general premise that it's fair game to question the promotion of fast foods. But I think the strokes that treat all "fast" food (Subway and McDonald's, for example) as equally problematic are maybe a little broad. Such, I guess, are the limitations of very limited article space.
  • professor / 3 Years Ago
    I agree, but even within a given fast food restaurant you have more healthy and less healthy choices.

    My issue with this and similar articles is that in my opinion, the authors often fall on the wrong side of the implicit people are stupid vs people actually have a brain debate. If watching a commercial has that big an effect on people, then I need to lobby for some commercials that show kids doing chores around the house, so that my kids will do a better job themselves. The bottom line is this - I don't care how many times they show Big Macs posing for pictures with Lolo, or para-Lympians drinking Coke after a workout or race, junk food commercials don't make people buy junk food. Laziness and indifference to good health are much more sinister candidates in that causal relationship than watching Shawn Johnson hug Ronald McDonald. That is, unless one believes people are manipulable idiots.