McCracken County teams practice together, compete separately


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  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago
    Would the KHSAA have to approve such a plan?
  • CoachMark / 3 Years Ago

    I don't think so, I believe this is a school district issue. I have coached in other states where various districts have had similar set-ups for other reasons. The only time I think it could be an issue would be if the coaches were to compete the teams against each other during practice but not call it a scrimmage.
  • backofthepack / 3 Years Ago
    @CoachMark I believe the rules prohibit this.
  • jonathan / 3 Years Ago

    That being said all 3 schools are closing next year to make McCracken County High School.
  • backofthepack / 3 Years Ago
    @jonathan If they will be one team in 2012, then no problem.
  • backofthepack / 3 Years Ago
    If they will be three separate schools this season, then i think provisions of the recruiting rules and perhaps eligibilty rules come into play.