Use for your Meet Registration


Why should your invitational use Online Registration on Want to know why? Because we provide a convenient way for coaches to enter right from the calendar and save meet directors HOURS of time.

Major meets like Rumble Through the Jungle & DeSales Invitational in cross country and Eastern Relays in track currently use our system.  This is part of MileSplit's Online Registration which will be used by hundreds of meets across the United States this fall. 


Here are just a few of the benefits...


1) Download entries easily into Hytek via ONE file, not a separate zip file from each team.

2) Rosters integrated with our database.  That means a couple of things... first, it means when coaches update their roster to enter your meet it is helping make our roster and rankings more accurate and complete on this site.  Second, it means that a coach who has NEVER used our system before will login and see most of their roster is already entered... saving them a ton of time!  We already have rosters loaded in from past meet results.

3) Keep track of payments.  The check still comes to you, when you receive it you mark it online through our system (rather than keeping some spreadsheet or something).  Then you have record of when it was received, how much, check #, etc... all right on the site. 

4) Invoices.  If teams entering need an invoice for their bookkeeper they can print one out without bothering you.  And if they have paid partial payment (perhaps just one gender) then because you logged the payment in our system it will reflect the outstanding balance!

5) Receipts.  After you put in payments, they will automatically receive an email receipt of the payment.  This is again one less thing they have to contact you about.  All done for you!  Easier for them, easier for you!

6) Private entry.  So if you have a meet and you only want certain teams to be able to enter, just set a password.  Provide that password only to the teams you invite and no one else can enter.

7) Affordable.  We charge just 10 cents per athlete with a $30 minimum.  So a big meet with 500 athletes would only be $50.  

8) Great support. We have a full-time support person on staff at MileSplit (Gayle) and a large supporting cast to back her up.  So we're always here for you and your users who need help!

9) Flexible options.  We can handle just about any crazy entry fee scheme you come up with!  We support multiple divisions, races, configurations, etc.  We can handle custom questions that you might need to ask like what hotel or size shirt or whatever.

10) Mass email.  One of our best (and perhaps least known) features is our mass emailer.  We make it easy for you to email the folks who have entered your meet.  And we do better than that... you can target it just to email those who owe money or those who haven't put in their roster, etc.  So you no longer need to go through our entries and compile a mailing list... we do it for you!


A lot more features too.  Email me at if you have any questions or if you want to go ahead and sign your meet up for this service, just fill out this form and we'll set it up for you (usually within 24 hours):


Registration your meet at: