Mean Streets 5K Urban Obstacle Course Tomorrow in Louisville



Running, like everything else, changes over time. Coming to Louisville is an event that can only be described as not your Grandpa's 5K.  On July 7th in Downtown Louisville the Mean Streets 5K Urban Obstacle Course will be held.

The event’s website describes the idea. Remember watching the chase scene in your favorite movie and thinking..."It would be so cool to be an action hero; climbing over cars, scaling walls, scrambling over fences, and jumping off buildings!"

This is your chance as the Mean Streets 5K will have 40 obstacles along the 3.1 mile course, designed to be challenging but fun.  Some of the names mentioned for the obstacles include Dumpster Dive, Wall Street, Traffic Jam, and Cat Burglar.  You might even have to get a boost from a fellow runner!  The night will be filled with entertainment and fun along with the race. 

Founder Heath Gross had been racing in obstacle style races over the last few years but they were more military style races outside of the cities in rural areas.  He wanted to make a race that was in the cities with obstacles that were manageable but still tough but most importantly fun. 

The race is open to anyone 14 & up with parental permission required for anyone 14-17.  More information about registration can be found at

The Mean Streets 5K will be run in waves with the first group going out at 8 PM.  The check-in point will be at the corner of 2nd Street and Chestnut.  Louisville is the first stop for this event with others scheduled for 2012 in St. Louis, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Columbus.


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