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Dream Mile: Thomson & Receveur Win!

The 3rd Annual Dream Mile will be held Friday night at St. Xavier High School in Louisville.  This still young event has quickly grown into the best mile/1600m race in the state annually with much speculation over who will have the times to be invited to the race.  There will be one race for the boys and girls tonight with the ladies leading off at 8 PM.


Interview with Cassidy Hale (3rd) Interview with Receveur (1st) and Davis (2nd) Interview with Tretez Kinniard (3rd) Girls Dream Mile
Interview with JT (1st) Patrick Gregory (2nd) ft. #Wolfpack Boys Dream Mile Girls Pre Race 1 Girls Pre Race 2
Girls Pre Race 3 Girls Pre Race 4 Girls Pre Race 5 Girls Pre Race 6
Girls Pre Race 7 Girls Pre Race 8 Girls Pre Race Group Girls Post Race 1
Girls Post Race 2 Girls Awards Boys Pre Race 1 Boys Pre Race Group
Boys Post Race 1 Boys Awards Girls Introductions Boys Introductions

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