Runner\'s Spotlight: Scott\'s Ryne Smith

Favorite Course: Ohio Classic Course at Hillsboro

Favorite Race: Scott Classic....because of the large crowds and lots of Scott alumni to cheer you on

Last movie you saw at the theatre? Crossover

How many stars on a scale of 4? No not waste your money

What is your favorite running movie? Without Limits

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen while you were running?
We were running a race and dog got away from its owner and started running alongside a group of runners, leash and all.

What do you like to do the hour before you run a race?
Try and stay relaxed, talk to my teammates and keep everyone focused but loose.

What got you into running?
My dad ran in high school and college and my uncle was a regional champ at Scott in the early \'90\'s and ran at Morehead. I started running in the Friday night elementary school races at Scott High School in 2nd grade and kind of came up in the program.

Describe yourself as a runner?
I try to be consistent and competitive week in and week out. I want to set a good example for my teammates. I try and show up every day at practice and try to get better. I like the big races with lots of good competition. I hope to keep improving and get an opportunity to run in college.

What are two of your goals for this season?
STAY HEALTHY! Compete for the individual & team title at regional and be competitive with the lead runners at state.

Did you expect to be in the top five at the Tiger Run to start the season?
Yes and no...I felt I was in good enough shape after a good summer of training but since I didn\'t compete my junior year because of an injury I still had some questions. I was anxious to race against some top flight competition but wasn\'t sure how it would go.

If I remember right you were injured at the end of last season. What did you gain from not being able to compete in the regional and state?
I broke my femur falling off of a bike and only raced once last year. I realized how much I missed running and being around the guys. It was tough to sit around and watch knowing that I couldn\'t help my team. I think it made me a better runner this year because I know you can\'t take this for granted.

Scott has traveled quite a bit this season. Describe running in these bigger races held in other states?
We like to travel to different courses and race against different teams early in the season. It\'s good to see other competition and take advantage of competing against good runners from other states. We always take an overnight trip as a reward for working hard and helping us get closer as a unit.

What has been your favorite race this season?
Probably the Mason Invitational because it was my first win in a big invitational. It\'s nice to get a win under your belt and get that experience of running out front.

What do you think about being able to run with other top level runners every day with Blake and Zak?
Zak and I push each other every day in practice and Blake and I are together every race. I couldn\'t ask for better teammates.

Did you learn anything from watching your former teammate Kortni Dukes establish herself as one of the best female runners in the state over the last few years?
Just the way that Kortni handled herself every day in practice and at every meet.

Any other comments
Great work on the website...lots of great information and keeps people talking about xc